In our commerical life  started with our grandfather Ahmet Sürücü in the 1940s in Konya, we became a strong bridge from farmers to food industrialists, from grain merchants to flour-macaroni-wheat industrialists throughout the country, by our experience in the sector with our patience and fortitude in years despite the ups and downs in the agricultural sector.

According to the "Trade to Friendship" principle, one of the important article of our Corporate Values, which covers the organizational nature of high moral values, principled, true-blue, hard-working and continuous self-improvement, we managed to be a leading, most demanded and followed company in the grain and feed raw products. We are still working with friends ongoing since grandfather and father. 

By making sure to put national interests ahead of our company interests, we are aiming to preserve trust in us forever with our business ethics developed respecting human and labor.

For our successes to date, i owe a debt of gratitude to our valued employees for their support, customers and suppliers who had fought shoulder to shoulder with us for many years, and with the hope of working together for many years, i would like to commend heartily.