COMPANY / History

Past to Present…


In 1946s, great grandfather AHMET SÜRÜCÜ dealt with wheat trade and run water mill in conjunction in Konya and sold the flour produced nearby cities and towns and, in 1965s, torch being taken over by his son Salih SÜRÜCÜ whom dealt with grain and flour trade and, in 1980s, passed the torch to his son Ali Sürücü.
  Ahmed SÜRÜCÜ
    Honorary President;  
Salih SÜRÜCÜ  

In 1992, Ali Sürücü restructured the business and founded SÜRÜCÜ SOIL PRODUCTS TRADE and FOOD INDUSTRY Inc.

Since the day, our rapidly growing company on the basis of "Trade to Friendship" principle, has become a leading, most demanded and reliable company in the country, with its staff over 40 in the field of supply of feed raw products and with its stores of 6,000 m2 on an area of 25,000 m2.
Walks confidently to the future, with the past experience, trade ethics based on confidence and sense of morality.